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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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god. has radical islam is claiming a new victory in syria fears mom the country's chemical weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. while insurgent forces the u.k. taxpayers to tighten their belts our t. looks at how big corporations are using illegal u. people to avoid paying their share. and we need an american ones judge to inferior to have children one of tens of thousands court decades long sterilization program yet to receive any kind of compensation.
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you're watching r t with me tom would say in syria radical islamists have reportedly captured a key military base in the country's north the alleged story fears the country's chemical weapons stockpiles could potentially fall into militant hands western powers have already warned the syrian regime against using the banned arms but damascus says it's the victim of a smear campaign that officials claim they would never use chemical weapons against civilians and are only interested in keeping the store powell safe this comes as u.s. sources say washington is training rebels to secure and has such weapons in case the syrian regime collapses some servers are now convinced that a foreign intervention is in the making. of this period right now and the talk of weapons of mass destruction chemical weapons in syria is very reminiscent of the run up to the anglo-american attack on iraq in two thousand and three and they did not intend to provide us with any proof. and what they do want to do is use the
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chemical weapons as a pretext for an intervention one of those videos purported to show syrian insurgents funded by the west preparing chemical weapons which were used on rabbits but could be used on syrian civilians and then blamed on the syrian government the assad government is not suicidal it has been playing its cards very carefully there is no basis in fact for the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government it would be counterproductive and so the only way we can deal with this hysteria about it is in the context of a run up to another war all the pieces are in place now the patriot missiles are on their way to turkey the american fleet with canadian warships is sitting at the eastern end of the mediterranean there are the special forces of the western
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countries are on the ground already inside syria connecting with named nato for cities back in brussels so what they need what they really need is an excuse the weapons of mass destruction argument used so effectively in two thousand and three and later found out to be a complete hoax they've just they've tried it out of the dustbin and their plans to rerun it again. they are opinions of three presidents have received and this is another surprise on behalf of member states the e.u. has been given the award in recognition for fostering peace even before the prizes handed out the decision sparked mass indignation throughout europe several previous winners are wrote an open letter to the nobel foundation demanding that the blunt be stripped of the award i had of sunday's ceremony hundreds of mars are through the norwegian capital in protest john a lot planned from the institute of democracy and cooperation believe peace is one of the last things the e.u. should be rewarded for. european union does not have political pluralism it has one
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effectively homogenous political class and the various parts of that single political class are awarding each other prizes for the purpose of keeping the whole show on the road it's one of the most disgusting aspects of this award there has not been peace in europe for the last sixty years this point the president of the european council said everybody knows that there was a war against yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred ninety in which european states e.u. member states participated very fully they attacked you. if we look further afield with syria the european union's policy the actual policy of the european union as an organization that in mind its member states has been in my view to fan the flames of the conflict in syria and not to act as a peace broker so there is literally no way in which we can say that the european union has fostered peace and there's no other way to look at it that it is a structure of our which serves the interests of the people who belong to it that is to say the european. members of the european parliament and all the other people
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who work for the europe. and it is radically out of touch with ordinary people and not just with the people who demonstrate the youth unemployment figures in greece and spain and other countries are truly horrifying and in the name of the european ideology europe is not being put through some of the most difficult economic times it seems is the ninety. seems so whichever way you look at the nonsensical judgment it's an absolute. story cohorts of acacia discredits the nobel prize and so. what onery people endure life in the direct it seems that some corporate giants will stop at nothing to get out of paying their shame tax evasion and avoidance costs the debt stricken blow one point three trillion dollars a year a figure that's no longer being tolerated as our first reports. of. people from all of that tend not to point to the scandals with companies like
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starbucks and airplane google at the moment it's really part of a much larger picture welcome to the world of tax avoidance illegal but morally suspect way the companies and the wealthy have been dodging paying their fair share most people are due to discuss these companies do not the v.a. taxation which is a criminal offense but are void taxation basically use existing facilities and legal loopholes in the different regulation and taxation between different countries to their advantage companies like amazon their head office is based in luxembourg which they claim is the center of the economic operations which is handy as luxembourg so well known in tax haven where companies can enjoy a lower tax rate but hang on a minute we're here one of alison's massive this service incentives based in the
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u.k. in fact the reality is that many of our customers most of their employees and many will distribution centers like this one are in fact based here in the united kingdom so it's not hard to see that the relatively small luxembourg office is nothing fact as they say at the heart of their operations and yet the u.k. tax system doesn't seem to recognize this. well it's all very british taxpayer is the only thing out that's a done illegal on the face of it to run because you could register your transaction in different country and the place of registration is the place of taxation where as you can have your activities actually taking place here is legal. surely then in the midst of a flat lining economy ek government would be eager to plug the holes it's letting billions of much needed tax plans you can't. put in the chancellor's autumn
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statement last week and it was the panelists on welfare he were in the government's firing line why has this government decided to clamp down on benefits for clamping down on multi-million pound tax avoiders. well i think that the government is clamping down on that there's been a lot of money allocated by him but they're not going down now that people know that i think him or see or doing that they're doing it now that people know that they've been avoiding paying that amount of tax i mean it's no good doing it after all not pay and there's a difference between people who are. voiding tax through legitimate returns and those who are illegally doing it there is a to do when you're a citizen we all know they're still avoiding paying we're interested me again today let me actually answer the question once before you actually interoperability tax
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avoid it's ok to legally tell you what starbucks and amazon and google have been doing is ok's that you say i said there's a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion tax evasion is illegal tax avoidance people are using the law to their benefit now if the law is wrong we need to change the law but for now the law continues to allow an exodus of profits made in britain meaning companies like amazon can keep getting away with paying less than the tax payers they're profiting from sarah firth r.t. london. also ahead for you this hour security titans in egypt as more protests supporters and opponents of president mohamed was. set to confront each other again today as the nation readies a full referendum on a draft constitution. that
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. the golden globe. live her little girl up. let's speak. to. her. mum will. ultimately be a mum of slavery and good luck. to her mother just see look at. her. little mother but i'm a little. looser. pled
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mission and free cretaceous free lance for charges free to make amends free. three stooges high priests. the old free blog just plug in video for your media projects and free media and dot r t v dot com. if he he. if .
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you're watching our team denied the chance of a baby a decades long program before sterilization in america left tens of thousands of women unable to have children was promoted as a way to build a healthy nation it's only recently the traumatized victims of eugenics program are being considered for compensation how does a marine i pod know when to meet one of those who have better lives change by compulsory birth control. you are warner our parent say eighty four year old virginia brooks was just fourteen years old when north carolina's widespread eugenics program would forever alter her future i said why don't i have to go to the hospital i'm not saying. rocks was with two other girls when a social worker picked her up she said we're gonna take you pin so they took me down there and they did surgery and i didn't know what to do was doing too many
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eugenics is a pseudo science aimed at improving the so-called quality of the population by forcibly preventing reproduction by people thought by something to be inferior in america it targeted mostly young poor minorities the mentally disabled or those otherwise deemed unfit to raise children like brooks who was an orphaned teenager she came in my chart was on the for the money. she says well you know you know biden well you won't have no bread. said what a way to make it one day you mean she said you you will never know. and that's when they handed to me this is. brooks went on to adopt a little girl and mary howard her husband of forty two years between them they have four grandchildren five great grandchildren and the unfortunate legacy of suffering
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under the shadow of mandatory sterilization. or order way she will carry some modern should be. a fresh day that anything new they should be sued for thing. probably one of the most infamous uses of this theory was the radical purity programs in nazi germany. while north carolina's eugenics program reportedly claimed seven thousand six hundred victims before being dissolved in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven north carolina was one of thirty two american states that practiced eugenics and this year it was on track to be the first state to compensate living victims like brooks with a payout of up to fifty thousand dollars north carolina was just turned the most populous state in this nation to sterilize a sound systems little girls. who had not done anything wrong
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they were kind of with us except that they were born this kind of janice day. can do better than this. shame. to this day not one victim throughout the united states has been compensated for their lifelong suffering in june north carolina's state senate rejected proposals to allocate funding for the compensation program some argue that paying victims for what was a legal program could lead to subsequent payouts tied to america's other historic atrocities such as slavery seven decades ago this building served as baker senatorial it's where state officials took virginia brooks and dozens of other young girls to undergo mandatory sterilization surgery today it serves as an apartment complex where families are living routine lives this as others still bear
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deep scars over how their lives were forever changed here they had a baby well in line and know what it will be in my head i'm a. kid of the people. my be like there. is a life changing question which u.s. state officials refused to answer for marina port archie north carolina. one argile com right now the u.s. navy has two additional warships to the north korean shores as washington prepares for possible rocket launch by the communist state. salvation can come in all shapes and sizes as scientists develop a way for the hiv virus to combat disease find out how online.
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nine people have been hurt after are known attackers fired at protesters camped out in cairo's central tough square this comes as egypt gears up for another day of protests by the opposition and supporters of president morsi the under a sore spot after he granted himself a sweeping powers and put a new constitution to the vote kyra based reporter bel truth has more. president mohamed morsi. on the decision to increase tax burdens on the country is a sales tax on consumer goods and services this is seen to be quite popular for him in the face of much to said the increased tax burdens were supposed to be part of the i.m.f. loan international monetary fund loan four point eight billion dollars loan the country's been trying to secure recently to definitely these reduce these tax burdens who perhaps make it more popular among the streets the national salvation front the coalition of opposition forces running many of these protests and it's
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into so they completely reject the constitution referendum and of course the protests they say the constitution will only enforce a presidential dictatorship. neglect key social economic demands as well as being representative of the country as it was drafted by islamist dominated constituents somebody the president preempting more violence on the streets particularly as a counter protest was arranged by a new coalition of islamic forces of course the president they said they want to have a million people on the streets in support of the president's president has asked the military to step in and secure the nation in addition to giving them power to arrest citizens this has been met with much criticism from the protesters who feel that the military will take a heavy hand this comes after the military of course egypt after hosni mubarak stepped down last last year which witnessed quite a heavy and bloody crackdown on protesters during the last during the transition
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period for the republican guard still have the tanks outside the palace and have erected twelve foot barriers which the protesters did manage to push through but it's still a sign that maybe you will see more tanks on the streets. continues in the lead up to this controversial referendum. when talk to journalists khaled me who says the new constitution rasputin the nation on the brink of civil war. he insisted on the . situation after that actually has not been discussed. by the people of egypt. after. the country in the. civil war will probably be asian or. speed for the first time ever in the history of egypt but the country is in the age of. point we don't
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even know you've been will be put in them because many judges are still refusing to see what revise it which would make it illegal if it happens. judiciary supervision what's your view on the opposition and their stance that blaming the government dividing the country but why can't they make some concessions and agree to dialogue instead of pushing for more protests as they are there is no point of their point if he's insisting on. this going to be a threat to the unity of the people. of egypt. to the people of egypt feel that i didn't i didn't. we always have weak and still have weak political parties but we have a strong civil society in egypt and we see. now by the. people of egypt have after their evolution to be concrete now we are not prepared to give
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in to any. i'm not prepared to see. the restraint that. someone who want to be in you. we have. flight. to have our freedom and we are not going to be easily. clues of the former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss kahn over sex abuse accusations in the u.s. have apparently come to an end the new york hotel maid that argues the frenchman of sexual assault has withdrawn her civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum it's rumored to be amount to to amount to up to six million u.s. dollars the scandal cost ross can his position at the top of the international monetary fund and stifled his presidential ambitions at home he could still face other charges of being behind an alleged prostitution ring in france.
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the prime minister of mali has resigned in a staged t.v. broadcast just hours after his arrest late on monday shake my b.g. was detained by members of a citizens group backed up by the country's military he was promoting a un backed resolution for international military intervention to help regain control of mali's north al-qaeda linked militants to control of the area during a march coup. the venezuelan president hugo chavez has been flown to cuba all for a new round of cancer treatment the need for further therapy appeared after tests showed a recurrence of the disease in the same area where it had previously been removed chavez who was recently related as the country's leader has vowed to return quickly but he however urges the porters to baghran as well as vice president nicolas maduro should the disease force him to give up his presidential duties for relief
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from as the global economy is predicted to be on the verge of a fresh credit bubble max and stacey are here to put the planet on high alert don't miss the kaiser report in full at seven thirty am g.m.t. . max believe it or not after years of zero percent interest rates just as re predicted world risks fresh credit bubble switzerland's be i asked warrants asset prices across the world have risen to the heady levels not seen since the credit boom five years ago and maybe losing touch with economic reality yet again the bank for international settlements is war and that's exactly what i am as my top story i love when we're thinking exactly the same. week they see you. actually design the paper today this is exactly what we've been talking about the assets in question of. this would be sovereign bonds for example
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and the be i-s. which warned before the collapse of two thousand and eight that assets were a bubble warning again so people say you know all those zero percent interest rates didn't produce any inflation so says paul krugman and yet the inflation is on the balance sheet of these central banks that have been buying government bonds to create the illusion of economic growth and now we're headed for a massive bomb collapse. coming up we take you to send petersburg and its very own palace the sly.
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sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build an old most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the. wealthy british style holds a spot on the title of. markets
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why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. evening.
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all to me having the perfect time for a ball elegant ladies and gentlemen and even the emperor himself were ready to waltz but the grand a-k. soon interrupted by terrible news. napoleon's army had invaded russia. this is peterhof home to russia's most beautiful palaces and gardens every autumn a glorious celebration marks the end of the fountain season today's event is dedicated to the war of eighteen twelve zero in this magnificent ensemble of museums and fountains is more than just a remnant of peter the greats nineteenth century russia is also bears the scars of world war two. there are three welcome to peter hall it is the most visited museum in russia around four point two million tourists come to peterhof every year why do people
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come here because peterhof boasts one hundred fifty fountains seven palaces and twenty three museums and of course the most important highlight of peterhof is its fountain system. you know from first fountains go after. each day to live millions thousands of tourists gather in the lower gardens of peterhof to see for themselves the fountain stone. takes twelve people to open all the bells and recently has been accompanied by small petersburg's and so. the idea to build best residence struck peter the great during his diplomatic visit
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to versa. however all of the fountains of course were run by the help of pumps so they could only operate without human assistance for a very short period of time and then they had to be pumped up because surely. that is why you have a great use the italian gravity system. this means all the gram cascade fountains flow on there are. these fountains spread thousand liters of water per second and in a day the use of almost thirteen beaches that's enough to fill twelve olympic sized swimming pools and to date the fountains have never dr. peter laughed what are very much his future was his brainchild and she wanted to put it into life and see what it would look like and she did.


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